BII Maybank Bali Marathon Comes Again

Bank International Indonesia ( BII ) held an international marathon race , BII Maybank Bali Marathon . In contrast to previous years , this event will be held closer to the end of the year , on 14 September 2014 in Gianyar , Bali .

"Looking at this year’s agenda is quite solid , the presence pileg , then the presidential election, and the month of Ramadan , and Eid al- Fitr , the implementation of BII Maybank Bali Marathon we held Sunday , September 14, 2014 in the Gianyar Bali , " said President Director of BII , Taswin Zakaria in press conference at the headquarters of BII , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

" Seeing the successful implementation of the previous year and the high public interest , so this year our target of approximately 5,000 participants , " added Taswin . In 2013 , the number of participants reached 3000 people .

BII Maybank Bali Marathon this year will hold a full marathon event of international standard with 42.195 km distance , half marathon 21.975 km , and 10 km . This competition is also open to participants from other countries . In the first implementation of existing participants from 43 other countries . Then in 2013 there were 46 countries took part , including Kenya , Europe , America , Asia , and Australia .

" For the full and half marathon marthon has received international certification standards of the International Measurement Certificate Number INA2012/009 and has been endorsed by the Association of International marathons and Distance Races ( AIMS ) . So , please make every runner and community runners , prepare yourself and do not forget the list starting next May , "said Taswir .

To attract participants , BII increase the number of prizes over the previous year . Total prize this year is 1.9 billion dollars .

BII Maybank Bali Information about Marathon 2014 , please access the site through , on facebook / BaliMarathon , and twitter @ BaliMarathon .

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Path online registration opened on May 17, 2014 and walk-in date of May 26, 2014 .


Save the Children with Blindness Facebooker Comment on Status

Social media not only as a place to communicate , post news and photos about the circumstances , it turned into a media sosmed help each other and share with each other for the public . Tara one of the Facebook networking users who feel the good effects of using sosmed .

Rylee Taylor is the daughter of Tara , she was rescued from a rare disease diagnosis experienced left eye . Starting from the mother of Tara Taylor who posted a photo of her on Facebook with using a cell phone , it turns out after the photo mempostingan some other Facebook users feel strange and worried after seeing Taylor ‘s left eye that shines .

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" Hey , I’m sure it ‘s nothing . Maybe the lighting , but your daughter ‘s eyes shine and you want to consult a doctor . Maybe it’s a sign there is a problem with your child’s eyes " , tungkas WREG one Facebook user .
With these suggestions Tara finally took the initiative to bring Taylor to the doctor to check her condition . Taylor turns problematic left eye , the diagnosis is ’ Coats ’ is a condition that can lead to blindness .

Dr. Jorge Calzada , of Charles Retina Institute and Baptist Eye Clinic , said ” This disease is usually stuck in an unexpected way ” .

Most people consider a bad sosmed impact and not provide more benefits to the user . In fact , in cases like these helped more people because of their lack of knowledge about something and lack of sensitivity that is felt by the person.


25 DPC PPP rejects dismissal of West Java Rachmat Yasin

A total of 25 DPC Development Party ( PPP ) in West Java refused dismissal Rachman Yasin as chairman DPW West Java by the chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) .

" Firstly , we are from 25 districts / cities in West Java or DPC reject the dismissal of Mr. Rachmat Yasin as Chairman of the West Java branch of the PPP . Because it violated the AD / ART party , " said Chairman of the DPC PPP Sumedang Donny Munir Ahmad , in Bandung Saturday ( 19/4 ) .

Donny said , with 24 head of DPC in West Java has gathered this afternoon at the DPW Office of West Java , Bandung Student Warriors Way . The meeting was related to the internal dynamics in the party .

"Today of 26 DPC present in West Java No 25 and as we look we are gathered here to discuss about the presence of the chairman of the PPP in campaign Gerindra and pemecetan four DPW PPP chairman and one vice chairman , " he said .

According to Donny , Rachmat pemecetan not have a clear basis and not appropriate AD / ART party .

" The first is the basis of the dismissal of Mr. Rachmat Yasin was not clear what it was . Was he expressed aspirations that violates or how it is not clear , " he said .

According to him , if there are administrators who made ​​a mistake , the first one done is provide a letter of reprimand .

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" Kala was first made ​​mistakes should be reprimanded . New warning letters were sent to one, two , three . ‘s Existing direct instead convicted , " said Donny .


Gospel Assembly of Maharashtra

The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM ) hengkang from the State of Punjab and moved to Kuala Lumpur . ” We ‘re moving May or June , but a new not sure , ” said President Lee Min Choon BSM as quoted by The Star. Rather Maharashtra government , the federal government assessed more to protect the rights of minorities .

BSM transfer to the Capital is the butt of 321 copies of the Gospel disitanya Malay and Dayak Iban on January 2, 2014 . Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS ) seized hundreds of scriptures that the policies made ​​law in 1988 prohibiting the use of the word “Allah ” by the nonmuslim . ( Read : Malaysian Catholics Disallow Newspapers Wear word ’ Allah ’ )

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Three months passed and the Bible is still detained JAIS. ” Until now , the state government did not show or announce initiatives to JAIS responsible and respect the rights of minorities, ” Lee said as reported by The Malay Mail Online , Sunday, 17 April 2014 .

In early April , the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the state government decided not to interfere in the controversy . Khalid evaluate the results of the official requesting the Attorney General to return seized scripture is BSM hand .

According to Lee , BSM will not make the move because it was considered free . Along with BSM transfer to Kuala Lumpur , importasi Gospel through the port of Port Klang was to be phased out . BSM will be escorted directly to the east of the Bible Malaysia , the location of the majority of readers of the Gospel is . ( Read : Gospel Malaysia Fixed Wear word ” Allah ” )

While the Christian community in the western part of Malaysia get its sacred scriptures in the State of Penang , which do not have laws that ban the word “Allah ” worn nonmuslim community .


Coalition Indonesia Raya Just Subterfuge Rais

PDI-P politician , Fahmi Habcy , assess the formation of a coalition Indonesia Raya only to improve the bargaining position of the seat - minister in the next government .
" The coalition is not an effort to safeguard the interests of the Islamic group , but only subterfuge Rais to improve the bargaining position , " he said in Depok , on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .
Coalition formation Indonesia Raya is the brainchild of Chairman of the Advisory Council of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) Amien Rais . Islamic Party coalition agreed to take chances , the first jointly discuss the matter at an internal level , respectively .
Fahmi said , Muslims constitute 85 per cent of Indonesian shareholders . So to save and improve the welfare of Indonesian means improving the welfare of Muslims in Indonesia , of course, also other religious communities .
" Who was involved troublesome Indonesian people , of course, Muslims too troublesome , " said the author of the poem " I Iso Opo " .
Further, the judge Fahmi Rais reason that the meeting last night in Cikini to form a coalition to improve the nation’s life better . Fahmi analogize the situation with proverbs pat -fed water , splashed in the face of his own . But it is valid only in the context of ensuring quota minister for elite bargaining parties who attended last night in the future government .
According to him , if it is meeting its objectives lowering beef prices soar , the dollar exchange rate and the lower the prices of basic goods to strangle , to protect farmers from the rush of food imports , save our workers , the public will be welcomed .

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" Unfortunately Mr. Rais did not invite cadres who became Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Radjasa to immediately fix the economic problem of all , " he said .


Circulating in Ukraine, Flyers Jewish Requiring Self Report

U.S. officials on Thursday ( 04/19/2014 ) , denounced what it called a leaflet asking for Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city to sign up to the government office . The local Jewish community calls the flyer as a provocation .

The leaflets were distributed by masked men in front of the main Jewish synagogue in Donetsk , at the location of the pro - Russian demonstrators declared themselves as ” People’s Republic ” .

The leaflets warned the Jews in the city to register and document the self or have to deal with deportation , at least according to one leaflet obtained by CNN .

Geoffrey Pyatt , U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine , told CNN that he get a picture of one of the leaflets of the respected Jewish leaders in Ukraine . ” It was terrible , ” he said .

From Geneva , Switzerland , the diplomats who are gathering to talk about the crisis daruat Ukraine , U.S. Secretary Joh Kerry leaflets calling it bizarre and incredible unacceptable .

However , the Jewish community in Ukraine say they are friends with the neighboring countries . Leaders activists who call themselves ” People’s Republic ” , Denis Pushilin , also denied any connection with the flyer .

Pushilin told CNN that the handwriting on the flyer was not hers . Title attached to his name in the leaflet was not one common title she wears .

It is uncertain who is distributing the leaflets . ” ( However ) , all the way to be done to catch them , ” said the chief rabbi in Dnipropetrovsk , Shmuel Kaminezki .

" It’s important for everyone to know where that is not true , " added Kaminezki . " The Jews in Donetsk will not do what is asked of the letter . "

Pyatt said the leaflets to be horrible , especially when deployed in Ukraine , a country that he calls suffered during Nazi rule . ” ( Ukraine ) is one of the sites of the worst violence during the Holocaust , ” he stated .

The distribution spread on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , on the sidelines of the Passover holiday , according to a statement from the local Jewish community . Free translation of the leaflet is :

" All Jewish citizens over the age of 16 years , living in the People’s Republic of Donetsk , must register with the commissioner of the House of nationality before May 3, 2014 in Donetsk Regional Administration , room 514 , the registration fee is 50 dollars .

Each person should bring 50 dollars cash , passport , identity card all owned , and documentation of ownership of real estate or a vehicle . “

" Who is behind this is an open question , " said Rabbi Pinkhas Vishedski in a statement. However , he said the leaflet was a provocation that should be stopped and the topics that should be terminated .

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From Geneva , Kerry said all meeting participants unanimously condemned the anti - Semitic movement which according to them is another form of religious intolerance .


Name Jokowi Problem Appears Again in English UN SMA / MA Today

Jakarta - The National Exam ( UN ) on Monday ( 14/4 ) and was shocked by the appearance of the name of the Governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo in a matter of Indonesian SMA / MA . However , it was not just a matter of Indonesian that contains the names Jokowi , tested about English today contained the names Jokowi .

Problem was found in MAN Cipondoh , Tangerang . Invigilator of the Ministry of Religious Tangerang City , Efendy revealed about the origin student found in two Amanatul MA Huda is a part of its school .

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" There are 60 students who are working on the English language . Package was different but the contents are the same no matter Jokowinya , only randomized me his , " said Efendy when contacted by AFP on Tuesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Here’s an excerpt of the matter :

A car is still an expensive vehicle for most Indonesians . But the goverment ‘s program of cheap car will certainly worsen the traffic congestion in the capital city of Jakarta .

On the other hand , it can help Indonesian people who want to have a new car with a cheap price . This policy is also increase of the growth in people ‘s economiy and reduce traffic congestion . The public complaint is certainly Expressed by the governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo and nbsp .

Jokowi also plans to restrict the private vehicle used . He ensures this plan will not be successful when cheap cars are coming on the streets of the capital .


About the Author Hunt Kemendikbud UN Contains “Campaign” Jokowi

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) investigate the appearance of the name of Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) in the national exam ( UN ) Indonesian subjects .
"After this I will be meeting to discuss it , because last night I have ordered to investigate his case as it sits , it is checked circulated about anywhere, " said Minister of Education and Culture M Noah in his office , Jalan Sudirman , South Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15 / 4/2014 ) .

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M Noah explained , first , Kemendikbud have 20 types to the UN . It will explore whether there Jokowi name in all types or only partially . Also will explore whether there are in all regional or not .
" Secondly , we look at who’s making team test script , when the script is made , " he said .
M contains the story about Noah Jokowi estimates have been made since the last six months . ” Third , we will refer to the lattice . In making the matter should not be out of the lattice , ” he said .
He promised to explain to the public what happened sebenanrnya after holding a meeting with officials in Kemendikbud .
" Sit like what his case , the author who , later on we will convey , " he concluded .


Lavrov: Russia Not Send Troops to East Ukraine Region

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday , denied that Moscow sent troops or security agents to areas of Eastern Ukraine , where a separatist movement demanding independence from Kiev .

" We have been accused security agents there . They not been there , " Lavrov was quoted by RIA Novosti news agency broadcast on state television .

" We do not have troops there , " he added . " We do not put our troops there , and we do not have agents there . "

" There are Russian citizens there . , But that’s not surprising , because in the Maidan there are all kinds of people , " he said . He refers to the Independence Park - which became the location of mass protests to topple the government of Kiev ‘s pro - Russia earlier this year .

The new government in Kiev accused Moscow riots in areas of Russian-speaking population in the east , including the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk where pro - Russian protesters occupy government offices and demanded independence .

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Ukrainian security service ( SBU ) said on Wednesday it had arrested a Russian spy woman aged 22 years who are suspected of carrying weapons would be sabotaging the orders of Russian security services in the city of Mykolayiv .


120 Umrah Pilgrims KH Masrikhan increasingly Neglected

Umrah pilgrims under the coordination of the KH Masrichan Ash’ari now increasingly abandoned. They originally been scheduled to depart back to the holy land, Thursday (04/10/2014) this. But until now, the KH Masrichan can not be dispatched again.
When confirmed, KH Masrichan not want to explain the reasons are still busy helping her son who advanced to the candidates.

"To my lawyer first, Mas Wawan. Affairs I was busy with my son who nyaleg," said KH Masrichan.
A total of 120 Umrah pilgrims, mostly pilgrims KH Masrichan displaced since February 18, 2014. They keleleran in Jakarta for 11 days. They promised departed last March. But back in limbo and eventually chose to return home riding a bus. They re-scheduled to leave the 10 April. However, now even more neglected.

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Darmawan, KH Masrichan current attorney confirmed today denied that it is re-scheduled departure.
"Not today pemberangkatannya schedule., But no scheduled departure time range between 10 to 22 April. Departing Not today," said Darmawan.

Argue that it is still working to ensure that experienced and bonafide travel. Darmawan admitted that he had pocketed some travel.
"Basically I want to travel this is really ready. Has been my selection. Before departing flight manifest, tickets, visas and lodging collateral has to be in hand," he said.

In addition to travel problems which one to use, Darmawan also still adjusting schedules to book hotel in Medina. Because the plan, the pilgrims will be directly dispatched from Juanda Airport in Surabaya directly to Jeddah. There is no transit in Jakarta to anticipate events that happen again.