Ridwan Kamil: Just Thinking Economical People who Disassemble Old House!

It’s not easy to maintain the continuity of cultural heritage in an era of almost instantaneous who always want to show an all- new look and are considered modern . The owner and manager of a cultural heritage can not walk alone to take care of it .

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" Since childhood, children have been taught in Europe and was introduced to the architecture of their ancestor so they appreciate its past architecture itself until now . Then , preserving historic buildings such as the museum is to be early , " said HS Djoemena Karta , a former senior official of Bank Indonesia in Bandung , after the inauguration of the heritage and Memorabilia Bank Indonesia in Jakarta, Monday ( 05/26/2015 ) .

Karta say , as a cultural heritage , heritage and Memorabilia Bank Indonesia it is a characteristic to be maintained so that it requires a synergy that should be instituted . Synergy is important, because the role of the state is limited .

" Local governments and communities also need to join the guard . , But , so far I have not seen a horizontal sectoral cooperation in preserving a historic building , the building management , government , and society . Mostly their own ways . ‘s Very unfortunate and it is a challenge to the BI front , " he said .

In response, the Mayor of London Ridwan Kamil said that talk of history is not merely a physical artifact , but also values ​​. He agreed that the government should step in maintaining the cultural heritage community together .

" Ideally , it’s a fun urban shelter ’ disconnected ’ from top to bottom , from the government to apparatus and society . Nah , it never happened . These BI Building , for example , they , BI side , active , but alone . For this reason, synergies to be done and constantly , " he said .

Mayor who is familiarly called Emil said , the heritage associated with the life of the future . For that , not too late to save the existence of cultural heritage - cultural heritage for tomorrow .

According to him , there is also a city of its age and get old one day , and then discharged . The face of the city no longer fit his day when he was born .

" At that moment appeared old buildings and its people are confused what to do . Which is usually easy to disassemble it just people who only economically minded . Fact , if you want a little creative , no need to disassemble it , " said Emil .

Emil admitted always jealous of older people in London who never enjoyed the era of ” Paris van Java ” that is always cool and foggy in the morning time , always comfortable because not chaotic and jam . However , the present generation see London as a metropolis .

" All that is left is now only history , but history is not always right physical shape , but also the values ​​. Soekarno There are trails for example , in Sukamiskin Banceuy , and others in the city . Was to be maintained , introduced to the present generation , "said Emil .


Police and Thieves Involved in Djatinegara clash

Crossfire between police officers with gang of thieves occurred in Glacier Nat’l Park Road , Kebun Nanas , Jatinegara , East Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . Incidence occurred around 10:30 .

Information compiled Kompas.com , who exchanged gunfire was cops and robbers . According to an eyewitness , K ( 32 ) , a shootout occurred between the driver of the Honda Jazz plate number E 333 LS and two police alleged . K said she heard gunfire three times and saw the driver lying at the site of the Honda Jazz .

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" I am working position again . Continues heard three gun shots . Thing police shot two people , while one person died in a car Honda Jazz , " said Kusnanto , Monday afternoon .

" In the same car his wife and children , " said K.

Other residents , R ( 30 ) , car parking offender has been on the scene since around 10:00 . Then , the offender out of the car and go into a hardware store .

" Once given a warning do not run out . Continues finally shooting . Together his wife There . Shoot - ahead shot at his wife . Guy she fainted , " said R.

The police still do if the crime scene by examining the Honda Jazz . Rear glass due to bullet holes in the car .

Apparatus Subdit Jatanrasn General Directorate of Criminal Police Jaya , East Jakarta Metro Police officers and police Djatinegara , already at the scene . Kasubdit Jatanras AKBP Herry Heryawan , Invisible Criminal East Jakarta Metro Police , Chief Educate Sugiarto already on location .


Disappeared 2 Months, ABG So Skull Found in Forest

After disappearing for two months Cecelia ( 17 ) Jaya Bakti Village residents , District of Madang Parts I, Ogan Histories Ulu ( OKU ) East has become a skull found in the woods , Integrated Independent City street area ( KTM ) .

Cecelia ‘s body was first discovered by a carpenter on Friday morning ( 23/05/2014 ) . When found his condition had become bones were scattered in the bushes .

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Strong suspicion that these lads were victims of homicide , because the skull was found in scar blunt force and stab wounds .

First alleged victims were slaughtered , and then eaten by wild animals or mutilated , when the victim’s bones found scattered into six sections .

" In the back of the skull former victims are lacing a blunt object and stab scars , skulls victims first , discovered by residents who want to find wood . Then report their findings to the local village heads and village heads report to us , "said police chief Madang Parts I Sukarman AKP .

According Sukarman , at first it was not known who the skull . But after seeing the victim’s family clothes , trousers and sandals are only known if the skull was Cecelia .

"The victim was wearing black jeans , a red shirt of Arsenal football club and wearing flip-flops , the victim ‘s skull is divided into six sections with the main part of the skull , ribs and spine , spine while the hips , legs and crotch becoming fragmented parts , " he said .

Victim known to be lost , about two months ago . Recently he was known to go along with his friends playing volleyball . Victims go after receiving a call from an unknown person .

" Victim when lost before sunset , then go picked up by a stranger , " said one victim’s family who asked not to be named.

While the Madang District Head Parts I, accompanied Basyuni Kadesh Jaya Bakti Husni , local authorities received a report from the police . They then match the characteristics of the victims with missing residents of Jaya Bakti .

" ’ We tell the victim’s family about the discovery , and after the victims were in fact true matched Jaya Bakti , District of Madang Parts I, " he said .


PDI-P: Other candidates Never Interacting with People

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) defends presidential candidate Joko Widodo or Jokowi is often considered minimal experience.

PDI-P politician Pramod Anung, Jokowi experienced significantly resolve the problem because once the mayor of Solo and Jakarta Governor.

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"The only other structural unity that never interact with the community," said Pramod Anung in Complex DPR / MPR building, Jakarta, Thursday (05/22/2014).

Pramod said, Jokowi political career in government shows that he is not a figure who lack experience.

Jokowi strength lies in its ability to carry out any plans that have been made​​. “The strength of the Jokowi run. What hard done by someone else can he run,” said Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives.


Network World’s Fastest High Reaches 450Mbps

SYDNEY - Australian telecommunications company demonstrate LTE - A network of the world’s fastest . Fast internet access reaches 450Mbps .

Reported by Gizmag , Friday ( 16/05/2014 ) , LTE or Long Term Evolution is a standard mobile networks commonly referred to as 4G . There is a more recent technology , the LTE - A ( Advanced ) . 450Mbps speed is claimed as the fastest in the world .

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As is known , the 4G network to offer higher speeds than ADSL2 + network . In an experiment using the iPhone 5S , Telstra 4G network can reach speeds 13.18 Mbps to 14.06 Mbps upload speed reaches .

Using a combination of spectrum in 1800 Mhz and 2600 Mhz , Telstra revealed that it has demonstrated 450 Mbps network speed . The company claims to use LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation technology .

Telstra worked with Ericsson to incorporate two new channels 4G Frequency Division Duplexing ( FDD ) of 20 MHz bandwidth . The company made ​​for the system to create three lines of data simultaneously towards the core network operations .


This reason Jokowi and Bakrie Meet at Market Gembrong

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Jokowi alias Joko Widodo , and will be the presidential candidate of the Golkar Party , aka Ical Bakrie , met in Gembrong Market , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 14/05/2014 ) night . Both compact claimed chose to meet in the traditional markets because both parties carry social economy.

" Today I met with Mr. Market Gembrong ARB . Why here ? Because democratic economy is here . Sellers bananas , fish, vegetables , tempeh , tofu are all products of farmers . Then , held a meeting in this populist place , " said Bakrie accompanied Jokowi .

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Something similar is delivered Bakrie . According to him , the traditional market is the symbol for the economic welfare of the common people .

" I came here met Mr. Jokowi . ‘s Not the first time , but the umpteenth time we met . This time we met at the market because it is a symbol of the people’s welfare , " he said .

" There are other markets , no capital markets , no money market , but this is a real public market . Having said that , on this occasion , I was glad to meet Jokowi in the public markets , " added Chairman of the Golkar Party .

The two met in order to explore a coalition to deal with the upcoming presidential election . Previously , Ical already met with Jokowi and Chairman of the PDI-P’s Megawati Sukarnoputri . Later , Golkar will take a decision regarding the upcoming presidential election in rapimnas .


Reconstruction Murder married couple Anita Didi - Held Tomorrow

After a delay , the police finally reschedule the reconstruction of the murder case against husband and wife , Anita Didi Harsoadi - Anggraeni , on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 .

" Our reconstruction will be the title on Tuesday the 6th of April, " said Invisible Criminal Polrestabes Bandung , Chief Nugroho Arianto .

He said it was coordinating with the State Attorney ( Kejari ) Bandung also participated in the reconstruction .

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Location reconstruction will be held in two places . First , at the victim’s home as the place of execution and at a hotel not far from the first location . At the hotel the perpetrators planned the murder .

" The five suspects we will certainly bring . Later the prosecutor of Kejari will also see reconstruction . For the reconstruction itself will be conducted by Tim Inafis and resum Unit as an investigator , " he explained .

Yesterday , the police have a pre - reconstruction as a warm up before the actual reconstruction .

" Hopefully there are no barriers and reconstruction went well and conducive , " he concluded .


There’s a million in Central Urban Issues Monday

Typical commercial and trade area of Jakarta is chaotic , not orderly , jams , dirty , dirty , disorderly , far from feeling comfortable , safe , and crime free yet . A million is still a problem we encountered in the regional-scale trade Mangga Dua , Tanah Abang ( before most locations disciplined ) , and Blok M area Monday .

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Unlike the other three regions where the capacity of its function as a center of commerce and trade are too dense , not so with M. Block function as a center of commerce and trade Blok M area has not been explored to the fullest .

While Senen community as a place to make a living in the informal sector actually exceeded its capacity . To that end , this area should be laid out , repaired , and rejuvenated with added support functions include green open space ( RTH ) , hotel facilities representative , an integrated transportation network , and managed more professionally .

CEO Leads proeprty Indonesia , Hendra Hartono , express their opinions regarding the Jakarta administration plans to organize Senen as a business growth center that allows the construction of commercial properties such as office buildings , shopping centers , and apartment to Kompas.com , Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

" Prestige Monday as commercial and trade area prone to crime has not been eliminated so far . Unfortunately, when enormous potential . Region can stimulate a lot of people from all over Jakarta , Indonesia , Southeast Asia and even doing here in wholesale transactions , " said Hendra .

Hendra added , Senen is the hub ( the intersection ) in central Jakarta which has an important role and position . Is equally strategic location , close to the elite Menteng area , and other commercial areas namely Mangga Dua .

Therefore , Jakarta Provincial Government should immediately revitalize Jakarta administration should not have to change the function of the region . Leave it as it is now functioning Senen , Tanah Abang equals , and Mangga Dua .

" Because , Jakarta also need places like this . Jakarta need a place that can serve all segments of society . Not only all the areas in this capital should be changed to be like Sudirman , Thamrin or Brass , " said Hendra .

In the City Design Guide 2006, Senen has been prepared since long as a business growth center that allows for the development of commercial properties , such as offices , shopping centers , and apartments .


Many Counterfeit, Sophie Paris Not Trembling

The rise of counterfeit goods in the world fashion is very unfortunate. It is also recognized Bruno Hasson, Founder and CEO Sophie Paris.

Even so, the French man pleaded not afraid to face it. According to Bruno, all Sophie products have the best quality so it is difficult to forge.

"There is a default. Bags We have exclusive material. When making false, it must be different," he exclusively told Okezone Sophie Paris Office, Jakarta, recently.

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However, Bruno did not deny that there are some products that are sold illegally Sophie. Normally, this would directly sold by a supplier does not comply with the rules given Sophie Paris.

"Sometimes it can be in-reject goods and suppliers still need money. Fact, we’ve asked for in-destroy," he concluded friendly.


Simply Perform month , so Six Pack Stomach

Who does not envy the man with a six pack ? You can also get a flat stomach by taking the following exercise .
In this article , we will talk about how to build muscle six pack in a month . Although this sounds impossible , but in fact it can be obtained .
The following tips and exercises to be used as a handle , as reported by Boldsky .

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To make six muscles box abs in one month , the first thing you should do is to cut all sugar consumption and follow a strict diet . You just have to do a bit of sacrifice , if you want to have six muscles box abs in a month . Your diet should consist of live many proteins , such as soy , tofu , and chicken . Do not eat foods with high fat content and carbohydrate . This is one way to get six pack abs in a month .

Mandatory doing cardio exercises
Get six pack abs in a month is not impossible . You just need the commitment and hard work . More in , you need to shed excess weight before entering into the formation of the abdominal muscles . To lose weight , you should do some form of cardio exercise every day without a single failure. One hour of cardio exercise is a must for you to reduce excess fat . It will be the first step as a way to get six pack abs in a month . Cardio exercise can include walking , brisk walking , jumping, dancing and more .

sit ups

Sit ups have a tremendous effect on the muscles in the abdominal abs . Take 50 different types of sit ups every day for a month and six muscles box abs , you will surely look . Sit ups help to shape the abdominal muscles and have great benefits to the body . There are many types of sit-ups that can be used as a handle , for example, half sit-ups , sit- ups vertical , and so on . Sit ups are the answer to ask how to get six pack abs in a month .
Regardless, when doing sit ups do not forget to do a bit of a stretch as well . Stretching the muscles will help in relaxing the body after exercise and muscle building .

Intense go to the gym and doing exercises is another thing you can do to get a six pack for a month . If you are interested in doing this exercise , seek professional gym trainers and fitness instructors for a full month . In general, to form six abs muscles in one month , you should exercise for at least two times a day for two hours . In the exercise , they will focus on your abs muscles , but they will also provide training to other body parts . So when formed abs muscles in your stomach , it looks symmetrical and perfect . Exercise gym is the best option to get six pack abs in a month . And the only thing you should do if you ‘ve got is to maintain .